Imogen Robertson

Island of Bones is one of the five
most addictive books of the year
Instruments of Darkness

CSI: Georgian England.

New York Times
Anatomy of Murder

Memorable... Sophisticated... A winner.

Publishers Weekly
Island of Bones

The multi-layered nuance of Peter Ackroyd
and the buttonholing narrative grasp of Stephen King

The Independent


I am a writer of Historical Fiction based in London. I was born and brought up in Darlington and read Russian and German at Cambridge. Before becoming a writer I was a TV director.

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Suzanne Valadon

Portrait of Suzanne Valadon by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (wikicommons)

I normally steer clear of using real characters in my fiction. I find myself so caught up in trying to make a portrayal accurate that it silts up my imagination, but there is always an exception to any rule and the artist Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938) plays a significant role in The Paris Winter. I just couldn’t resist her. Mind you, she was one of those people round whom stories and legends seemed to grow like weeds even within her lifetime, so I feel sure she wouldn’t mind me involving her in the fictional adventures of my characters. After I posted about women artists of the Bell Époque last week, someone foolishly suggested I write more about some of them, so I'm delighted to have the chance to write about her again. ....Read More

Paris Winter

US Paperback Is Out :

Paris 1909:
A city of contrasts and ambition,
of beauty and Treachery.....
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Theft of Life

Out Now in Hardback

Circle of Shadows

US paperback available at Amazon :

A locked room. A dark threat.
A place of poisonous lies......
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